Gateway Pavilion
Business District
Civic Center
Minnesota Theater
MPLS 40/20 presents a massing model of downtown Minneapolis from 1940 based on historical research, photos, and aerial imagery. It includes an alternate history of the past 80 years, with the modern city built around (not in place of) many of the oldest structures – with some creative license. Gateway Pavilion remains at the center of it all.
METRO MSP is a comprehensive rapid transit system for Minneapolis, also connecting to Saint Paul and the airport. Line 1 connects the two downtowns and the university, lines 1-4 travel through central Minneapolis, and lines 1, 5 & 6 go through downtown Saint Paul (area code 651). Lines 4-5 make their way to the airport, and line 6 (not shown) serves the West Side of Saint Paul.
FIRST & SUPERIOR is a study of building types featuring a mix of uses, styles, and sizes using Duluth, Minnesota as a base.
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